USD 1,500.00
/ set

Queue Management system solution ( Token system)

System component:

1. 10" Touch Screen KIOSK (Built-In System Server)
2. Media box ( for LCD main display unit)
3. Software Counter Terminal for calling numbers

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•    Kiosk works as a System Server and all the application installed in it
•    Less single point of failures
•    In RF communication option, system works with minimum number of wires and network equipment's
•    Sleek Kiosk Design built-in 10.1” Portrait high quality touch screen
•    Thermal printer compact size with high space for the thermal roll
•    HDMI connection to the main SDU
•    Windows Based Operating System
•    HDMI connection to be connected to LCD to Display the Status of the Queue and can play the video with Ticker
•    Software keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad
•    Reporting application

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